Welcome to QRPGuys

QRPGuys is an organization of hams that offer budget and unique ham radio kits.


Our specialty will be low cost, high enjoyment kits for the builder that can be assembled in an evening or two. The criteria for our kit designs, are items that are unique in some way, combine features not normally seen, low in cost, and provide satisfaction in completion. Our kits are individually rated in difficulty from easy to build, to ones that require expanded skills. All our kits are initially offered to a run of 100 units and expanded as demand dictates. We lean towards board only projects, however if an enclosure is indicated, we will provide directions for a homemade option in PCB material, or an inexpensive commercial alternative. Complete, detailed, illustrated manuals are always available on this website as .pdf’s for each product. We are always open to suggestions, and many of the kits we provide have originated from user designs.

We encourage the experimentation, modification, and improvement of all our products to advance the art of ham radio. In almost all our projects, the documentation provides board layouts, parts lists, schematics, and firmware for anyone to build our products from scratch if they desire.

To view our products use the drop down product menus at the top of this page. To place an order, click the “Add to Cart” button on the product description page. For iOS users, clicking on the menu categories at the top will also bring up a separate page that individual product description pages can be picked from a list.


We will be shut down until Sept. 1st. for Summer recharge. We will be taking orders and shipping when you see the PayPal buttons reappear.


Shipping policy and customer notifications:

1. We ship to the address you have on file with PayPal. Please verify your address with PayPal before ordering.

2. Your PayPal receipt is your notification that we have received your order.

3. Stock availability and shipping volume can delay shipping.

4. PayPal does all the shipping notifications. A shipping label is created very early in the shipping process, and you receive an e-mail when that happens. When the product is shipped you will receive another e-mail with the U.S.P.S. tracking number. International U.S.P.S. tracking numbers are notoriously difficult to track.


We ship product via First Class U.S.P.S., once a week, domestic and international to all countries except Italy and Korea. Shipping rates are Domestic $6 USD + $1 for each additional item, Canada $15 USD + $1 USD for each additional item, All other international $18 USD + $2 USD for each additional item. Shipping is automatically calculated before you check out.

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Inquiries, e-mail to:  qrpguys@gmail.com


The QRPGuys…


Ken LoCasale (WA4MNT) – mechanical design, pc board layout, documentation, website maintenance

Doug Hendricks (KI6DS) – logistic support, beta testing, kitting

John Stevens (K5JS) – website assistance

Steve Weber (KD1JV) – circuit design

Dan Tayloe (N7VE) – circuit design

Dick Palmer (WB6JDH) – kit builder/technician

Cliff Donley (K8TND) – circuit design