BS170 socketed heatsink

QRPGuys BS170 socketed heatsink kit, with zener diode protection – $10


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Whether you are building a (tr)uSDX that has BS170’s or repairing one that has damaged finals you will want to have this kit. It is a pcb module that mounts the BS170 finals in a heatsink configuration and socketed interface to the (tr)uSDX RF board replacing the three rf board installed BS170’s, and with 1N4756A zener diode protection. The zener diode will help protect the finals from momentary open antenna, spikes, and transients on the transmission line caused by natural occurances and automatic antenna tuner switching. We supply six matched Fairchild BS170’s from Mouser with the pcb, enough for an extra set, and all parts needed, including silicone heatsink compound. You will be installing a three pin socket at the original Q3 location for the module pcb to attach to the RF board. When completed the new finals/heatsink board will have the same height as the surrounding toroids, so there are no changes needed for the case. This heatsink is a proven technique we have used in our other products. To build the module you will need a soldering iron, rosin core solder, side cutters, and a toothpick.


Click here for the assembly manual. 



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