Single Lever Mini Paddle

QRPGuys Single Lever Mini Paddle


This product has been retired.  Bare board only available – $10,   Go here to order


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Leave the Begali at home. The QRPGuys Mini Paddle will allow you to mount a single lever paddle directly to the front or side of your existing chassis. It is only 1.75”W x 2.25”L x .62”H and at .65oz. (18 grams), it is light weight and ideal for portable or field operations. You construct it from the individually routed PCB pieces, and after soldering forms a strong mechanical assembly. All the electrical circuitry is embedded into the pieces and forms the needed connections upon assembly. The paddle is a single lever design with all stainless steel lever and contact hardware. Contacts are threaded for a wide range of adjustment from a few thousandths of an inch to whatever you feel comfortable with for sending. Connections are made on the inside of your chassis through solder lugs secured to insulated bushings. You will need to drill three small holes in your chassis to accommodate the mounting hardware. All hardware is included. The tools required are a soldering iron with a small tip, rosin core solder, #1 Phillips screwdriver, needle nose pliers, tweezers for the hardware, and a flat surface to work on. Allow an hour or so to build. On a difficulty scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the most difficult, this is rated at 4.

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