K8TND Active RX Antenna Splitter

K8TND Active RX Antenna Splitter – $20


This product has been suspended. However, we have bare pc boards available for $10 each. We will not have any other components available.

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The K8TND Active RX Antenna Splitter will allow you to use one antenna with mulitple HF receivers simultaneously. Many hams and SWLers like to monitor several bands and/or frequencies, i.e. 14.300, international nautical emergency freq, 14.100, world HF beacons, etc, etc. Having two or three HF receiving antennas is a luxury some Hams and SWLers can’t afford. With the active receiver antenna splitter you can use one antenna and three receivers at the same time. Keep abreast of what’s going on on the bands, put some of those dust collecting receivers back in action. Usable from AM BCB to 50 Mhz. with some decline outside the 80M to 10M portion of the spectrum. Operating voltage input is 12VDC with a small current draw of 30 mA. On a difficulty scale of 1 to 5, this kit is a 2. Build time is about 2 hours, depending on your experience, with the normal kit tools. Bear in mind, this is for receiving only. For HF transceivers you would need a T/R switch to your tuned transmitting antenna.


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