K8TND DIP Breakout Board


K8TND 8/14/16 Pin DIP Breakout Board – 10 pieces for $10


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There are tens of thousands of radio and electronics hobbyists across the country. Many of them use the Manhattan construction method to bring their ideas to fruition. Many of these hobbyists make their own copper solder pads, but the big hangup is trying to break out an integrated circuit to where you can easily solder to the leads. Not only is this messy and inconvenient but also very time-consuming. The K8TND DIP Breakout Board solves this problem. This ingenious board will break out 8, 14 and 16 pin integrated circuits and also has 3 accessory pads for wiring or components. To break out 14 and 16 pin chips, two boards are used back to back. These are very good quality and reusable many times over. Order some of these handy little boards today and put the fun back in your hobby. We supply the board, you supply the sockets. Each board measures 1.83″ (46.5mm) x 1.42″ (36.0mm) and is .06″ (1.5mm) thk. FR4 material.