Retired Products

Almost all of our retired products have bare pcb’s available for $10 each, or set, if it has multiple boards. You will need to supply your own discrete components from their parts lists. We will not be able to supply anything additional, except the bare pcbs. 

QRPGuys EZ WSPR Pi Raspberry Pi Module
QRPGuys TCXO Frequency Standard/Reference
K8TND Active RX Antenna Splitter
K7QO Marker Generator
Original Rev. B DSB Digital Transceiver
LA3ZA Zero Beat Indicator
Digital Field Strength Meter
Simple Lowpass CW SCAF Filter
600hz Active Audio Bandpass Filter
DJ3KK SPRAT CW Announced Frequency Counter
Para80/40set Transceivers
Lidia 40m Receiver
KX Iambic Mini Paddle
KX Single Lever Mini Paddle
Single Lever Mini Paddle
Single Lever Paddle w/Base
Iambic Mini Paddle
Iambic Mini Paddle w/Base
MMM+ 40m Transmitter
Portable 80/60m Vertical Antenna
KD1JV SL Combo Code Trainer
KD1JV DL (Iambic) Combo Code Trainer
Single Lever Keyer/Paddle
Mini Keyer v1
Mini Keyer v2
uBITx CW Conditioning Adapter
K7QO Code Practice Oscillator
Digital RF Probe
SMT Digital Dial/Frequency Counter
K8TND Spherics Receiver
K8TND AM BCB Receiver
K8TND Direct Conversion 40m Receiver
K8TND Regen Receiver
K8TND AirBand Receiver