QRPGuys Mini 80m-10m No Tune End Fed Half Wave Antenna


Mini 80m-10m No Tune End Fed Half Wave Antenna – $30


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This product is sold only on this website. We do not sell on AliExpress, eBay, Walmart, or Amazon, even if it uses our name and logo. Any you see there are counterfeit and contain very substandard toroids.

QRPGuys Mini No Tune End Fed Half Wave Antenna is designed as a mini highly portable 80m-10m end fed half wave wire antenna, easily set up as an inverted V, horizontal, sloper, or in the case of higher frequencies, a vertical radiator. Your feed line is essentially the counterpoise, so a separate one is not necessary if you want to keep weight down. The high impedance, half wave wire is matched to your 50 ohm feed point by an integral impedance matching toroid transformer, and rated is at 10 watts. The SWR is further broadened and lowered across 80m-10m with a high voltage capacitor on the primary of the transformer using band specific radiator lengths. It is designed to use without a tuner and give an SWR of ≤1.2 for any portion of the band after optimizing the driven element. Our tests have been favorable for ≤2.0 SWR or better for the entire band, except 80m, which can be optimized for the upper or lower portion of the band. The user supplies the 1/2λ wire for attachment to the captive S.S. and brass hardware. A BNC female connector is supplied for connection to your radio. Case size is 2.00″ x 1.38″ (50.8mm x 35mm). Weight without the user supplied wire is 1.57 oz. (44.5g). On a scale of 1 to 5, this kit is rated at 2 or 3 depending on your experience.


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