K8TND Sferics Receiver

K8TND Sferics Receiver


This product has been discontinued.


elcome to the world of Sferics, Tweeks, Whistlers, and other VLF/ELF phenomenon. With the K8TND Sferics Receiver you can explore the little known world of strange nature generated and man made low frequency signals. This kit is a sensitive receiver that detects very low frequency electromagnetic propagation with a simple two foot long wire antenna. A lot of research is being conducted concerning lightning, but there is even ongoing research into sferic emissions as a precursor to earthquakes. A simple Google search will reveal a wealth of relevant information. This small hand held 1.50″ x 4.20″, (38.1mm x 106.7mm) through hole kit is a self contained receiver powered by a standard on board 9 volt battery. You can listen to signals with a pair of earbuds or record them, and feed the audio into a sound card for a graphic representation of the received signals, as described in a YouTube links below. There are programs to filter (Audio Hijack, for Mac), (Total Recorder, for Windows), and to display graphically your signals, (Ispectrum for Mac), and (Waterfall Spectrum Analyzer for Windows), or just listen. This kit can be easily assembled in an hour with the normal kit tools. Builders will need a 9V battery, earbuds, rubber band, and a 2′ piece of stiff wire for the antenna.


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