Multi Z Tuner 40m-10m

QRPGuys 40m-10m Multi-Z Tuner – $50

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The QRPGuys Multi-Tuner is a Z-match design that will match a wide range of coax fed, long wire, and balanced line antennas, like high-impedance, low-loss UHF twinlead or ladder line for 40m-10m. The Multi-Z tuner is based on a design by Charlie Lofgren, W6JJZ. Charlie has designed tuners for years, and some of his best efforts have been in use by the Zuni Loop Field Day Group for over 20 years. Charlie designed this circuit for the Norcal QRP Club in 1994. It uses the N7VE integral led swr indicator with an absorptive bridge to protect your final transistors from a poor match. In the TUNE position, you cannot damage your transmitter caused by a high SWR. From a shorted antenna to an open antenna, your transmitter is looking at a maximum of 2:1 SWR in the TUNE position. At full brilliance your SWR is 4:1 or greater, at half brilliance your SWR is approximately 2:1, and the LED will completely extinguish at 1:1. Rated for 5 watts continuous, 10 watts intermittant, weighs (4.3 oz.) and comes with female BNC connectors for the input/output, with S.S. hardware for the long wire and balanced line connections. There is no point to point wiring. All connections are accomplished by mounting the components on the PCB. This kit can be built in a couple of hours. On a difficulty scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the most difficult, this is rated at 3.


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